Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gardening Talks at Coburg Library (March-May) - Pet Friendly Gardens, Beneficial Bugs & Sun or Shade

Kaye Roberts-Palmer is a local Garden Design Consultant running a series of informal gardening talks for Moreland and Darebin communities with the purpose of encouraging people to become better gardeners no matter what size of garden or skill level.

Where: Coburg Library Meeting Room - 26 Louisa St Coburg
Cost: $5 tickets

Pet Friendly Gardens - Wednesday 11 March 7pm to 7.45pm
Yes you can have an attractive garden that’s also pet friendly!
This talk covers design styles and tips to help create a harmonious garden space for all of your family including the furry ones.
Topics covered include plants to encourage and plants to avoid, gardening surfaces and features and developing robust spaces that can work with your pets, while maintaining your own outdoor spaces.

Beneficial Bugs - Wednesday 8 April 7pm to 7.45pm
Did you know there are a multitude of good bugs that can take some of the work out of gardening?
This talk looks at the world in miniature and some of the weird and wonderful creatures that have made your garden their home.
Topics covered include insect identification, how to encourage the good insects to stay, using insects to help keep pests and diseases in check, organic pest controls, and practices to avoid.
A happy healthy garden is crowded. Learn how to invite the nice ones back!

Sun or Shade - Wednesday 7 May 7pm to 7.45pm
Do you have a tricky area in the garden that has either too much sun or too much shade? Not sure how to make the best plant choices for those areas?
This talk covers top essential plants for those shady and sunny areas and the effects of soils and seasons on your garden plants.

It also provides helpful tips on successful planting to give your specimens a great start.
If you need any more information please contact: 
Kaye Roberts-Palmer - Blue Bee Garden Design - 0401 281 581

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