Monday, April 20, 2015

Help start up Youth Food Movement in Melbourne and join in celebrating the launch (28th May - Brunswick)

The Youth Food Movement is a national volunteer led organisation committed to fostering a strong desire in people to care about where their food comes from.

We want to show young people their future in a fairer food system, whether that's as eaters, food producers or entrepreneurs. 

The food system should be easier to understand and so we want to provide a place where young people feel empowered to enquire into where their food comes from, be connected to those responsible for producing it and ask how we can continue to eat for a sustainable future.  

Support us to launch in Melbourne! 

Melbourne has an amazing community of fair food advocates and we want to participate in the conversation and open it up to new audiences.  

Sydney and Brisbane have both shown us how successful the Youth Food Movement can be, and the way we see it, Melbourne is long overdue.  

Help us start up YFM in Melbourne and join us in celebrating the launch. 

Youth Food Movement is launching its Melbourne chapter on Thursday 28th May over an evening of food, films & talks at Reel Food Night.

The event will take place in Brunswick's Rubix Warehouse.

Growing Food Project will also be screening alongside other treats.    

To help support the fabulous volunteers from Melbourne's Youth Food Movement in putting on this event, you can donate & share their Pozible campaign

Look forward to seeing you there.

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