Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Joys of Community Food Gardening from Home

By a Friend of Edward Street.

The days of my partner and I spending an entire weekend pottering away in the garden are long gone! (Oh how I long) ! 
Being at home with kids has changed the way I garden. It means time is of the essence, social connection is critical, money is scarce and commuting with small children can at times be painful and to be avoided at all costs! Now, I community garden in the uber proximity of my own yard!
Here are some examples of ways I have been able to satisfy my green thumbs, stay sane (mostly) and food garden communally from home together with 'Friends of Edward Street':
1. Collect compost scraps from neighbours in apartments and build the bays together
2. Start a chicken co-op and share eggs, seed purchase and construction of the coop
3. Turn your nature strip into a children's play garden.
4. Build communal herb planter boxes and install them in front gardens and on nature strip.
5. Neighbourly working bees to set up each other's veggie patch. (Often the most time consuming part of veggie gardening is the initial set up, many hands make light work, more fun and sometimes all you need is a catalyst to set a date & make it happen.)
6. Start a monthly home grown food swap
Although a little while away yet, the next frontier for some of us Edward Street home community gardeners is a bee hive... HELLO honey!

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