Friday, August 21, 2015

Volunteer Position: Lead Horticulturalist in Organic Food Production (Darebin)

Provide leadership in organic horticultural design, production and distribution of edible food systems for the Urban Food Program.

Applications close Monday 7th September

Local Grants Dig the Backyard Basics

Over the past 3 months you may have seen the transformation taking place out the backyard of DIVRS. Construction of a new edible garden as part of their Backyards Basics programme has emerged.

Volunteers from DIVRS’s Urban Food Programme in partnership with Northern Community Church of Christ volunteers have embarked on the garden to help alleviate some of the fresh food shortages that face some of the more vulnerable members in our community. The food grown in the backyard will then be distributed through DIVRS’s emergency relief programme.

Importantly for the sustainability of outcomes in increased access to fresh food, local food culture and facilitating equitable access to nutritious food for all, the space is creating opportunities for training and support with residents. Facilitated and led by volunteers, they will share knowledge and teach skills for easy and effective ways to grow food in their own home.

The programme has received funding from Darebin Council’s 2014 Community Grants Programme which kickstarted the Backyard Basics and most recently had the backing from Inner North Community Foundation, Scanlon Foundation and Refuge of Hope, towards building the capacity of its programme and supporting the resource development.

For any interest in this programme, please contact Martin, Urban Food Programme Leader ph 94808 207 (Mon-Tues-Thu)
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