Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sustainable Gardening Australia Open Gardens and Tours - October - Community

After a successful launch of SGA's Sustainable Open Gardens and Tours program with several hundred people attending Zofia's and Patricia's gardens in September, we invite you to visit the gardens open in October. These gardens are very different but are attractive examples of sustainable design and practice.

Valerie's Open Garden, Eltham - 4th October

Looking for ideas for getting maximum productivity when managing to control wildlife impacts? Or ideas for different styles of raised beds including wicking beds?
A garden for the soul as well as the stomach, Valerie’s garden is a delight to all the senses. Visually gorgeous in any season, with spectacular camellias adorning the winter through to the cottage-style plantings and roses throughout the rest of year, it is obvious that Valerie gets great delight in having something beautiful to enjoy from the house. Careful thought has been put into the layout and the care of the garden with the use of espalier on painted walls and fences to use all available space.
Sustainability features: Composting, Worm Farms incorporated within veggie beds, Organic Veggies, Fruit Trees, Espalier, Berries, Sub-Tropical Edibles, Flora for Attracting Fauna, Insect Hotels, Solar Powered house. Address and opening times.

Mary & Robert's Garden, Heidelberg - 10th October - Tour and Garden Opening

A small group tour of Mary and Robert’s garden from 10am - 11am reveals that the owners are passionate about gardening, about sustainability and about eating well. The profusion of produce that is everywhere, from the aquaponics system in the front to the abundance that awaits at the back, is enviable for anyone attempting to grow their own. Based on permaculture principles, good composting is key and layout and mixture of plantings ensure a well-balanced garden. Robert and Mary have tried many different techniques to increase the productivity and range of plants grown. The careful records that they keep of their harvests is testament to their success. As key drivers in the Transition Banyule movement, Mary and Robert live their ethical stance. A must-visit for inspiration and ideas. Read details of tour or book now. Open Garden details

Open Garden, Glen Waverley - 24th October

Explore this garden at your leisure. An avid collector and propagator, Terry has a garden that is a plant lover’s delight. The colour and scent of the ornamental flowering plants naturally attract bees and other beneficial insects which help keep Terry’s garden sustainable and help pollinate the many fruit trees dotted throughout this colourful creation. Huge water tanks are hidden amongst the shrubs as are insectaries and propagating areas. Come and see how to have a beautiful and biodiverse garden, all in keeping with healthy ecological practices.
Sustainability features: Active composting area, ponds, rainwater tanks, organic veggie beds, fruit trees, berries, seed and cutting propagation area, natural pest control management, permeable surfaces, flora for fauna. Address and opening times

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