Monday, November 9, 2015

Your next opportunity to influence the future of Moreland's food systems and urban agriculture - NOW!

The Moreland community does a range of exciting work in relation to food, including growing at home, social enterprise, community gardens, free food events, food swaps, food festivals and more.

We are currently developing a strategy to support these kinds of initiatives in the future.

From July through to September of 2015, a group of community members met to have input into the strategy. Council staff and other organisations were also asked for their input.
Read more about the process we undertook in Seeding Change: The Moreland Food System Framework (PDF 14Mb).
Steering Group members provide input
into the strategy at the first meeting.

The framework

As a result of the above process, a document went to Council on 7 October 2015 that proposed three clear goals for the strategy:
  • A sustainable food system that contributes to a more resilient community and a healthier environment
  • A just food system that ensures food is socially and economically accessible to everyone in the community, and
  • A vibrant food system that protects and nurtures food, culture celebrates diversity and builds community.
Council noted the development of a framework, and asked to receive a further report and the draft strategy, including recommended initiatives and resources implications in February 2016.

Council also asked for staff to progress actions in relation to information provision and place-based project work in the coming months.

View The Moreland Urban Agriculture and Food Production Framework (PDF 2Mb).

You can watch the 7 October Council meeting on the live streaming page (the relevant discussion starts at 10 minutes and 15 seconds).

We want to hear from you!

We would like to hear your thoughts about what should go into the strategy to help us to achieve the three goals.

Our two surveys - linked below - are a chance for you to have your say about anything relating food systems, including food growing, urban agriculture, food festivals and celebrations, food waste, buying local food and more.

  • Community survey - Fill out the community survey if you are a resident representing yourself. 
  • Stakeholder survey - Fill out the stakeholder survey if you represent a business, community group, club or organisation.

Keep your eye on this page - we will update it to keep you informed about opportunities to get involved.

If you want to be contacted when there is new information, email Urban Agriculture with your contact details.


Below is an outline of the process up until February 2016.
  • November/December 2015 - Community, council staff and partners can provide feedback about what could go into the strategy. You can provide your feedback to Council via our surveys (link above), and at local events, including the Fawkner Festa in November and the Coburg Night Market in December.
  • February 2016 - Draft strategy goes to Council.
  • April 2016 - Pending the outcome of the Council meeting, community members and organisations will have an opportunity to provide formal feedback on the draft strategy.

More information

For any questions about Council’s work in developing this strategy, or if you wish to be kept informed of opportunities to be involved, email Urban Agriculture or call 9240 2484.

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