Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kombucha workshop 27th August

Spring is at our fingertips. Come and celebrate the turning of the cold by learning to brew a delightful tonic beverage that is bursting with bubbles, flavour and goodness.

We will be making Kombucha, a sweetened tea that is fermented by a community of bacteria and yeast (also known as 'Scoby'). It is beneficial to our gut health, helps cleanse the body of accumulated toxins in our diet and is a deliciously tasty, effervescent alternative drink to alcohol.

Drinking kombucha regularly can help boost sluggish energy levels, and will help clear the mind of stubborn mental conditions. Perfect for letting go of winter moods and renewing our energies.

In this workshop we will:

- Discuss the health benefits of kombucha
- Look at the types of tea suitable for fermenting
- Follow a step-by-step demonstration for making single/batch brew (and learn about continuous brew) kombucha
- Enjoy some tastings of kombuchas made with different teas and flavourings
- Learn to flavour and infuse kombucha with the added benefits of herbs, fruit and spices

You will go away with your own original kombucha starter (scoby included) and the skills and inspiration to keep creating and brewing beautiful fermented teas at home.

We'll be having some nibbles following the workshop.
Please bring a plate of appetisers to share with everyone.

When: 27th August 10am-12pm
Cost: $30
Location: Maribyrnong - Address to be given upon booking.
Limited space for 10 people.
Bookings to be made in advance, email me (Gemma) at for payment details to reserve your spot.

Details here

See you there,

About Gemma

I have a passion for nourishing people through food.
Since coming to Melbourne, I started working in a native foods restaurant and connecting with the food and the land around me. I've since begun the journey of learning to grow, harvest, make and preserve the foods I eat. Graduating from a permaculture design course, I've been compelled to explore the relationship between ourselves and nature, where I believe we can find our truest source of food and deepest nourishment. I believe there is beauty and joy to be found in caring for our bodies and following natural food processes that renew our connecton to the natural world we are apart of. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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