Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Can you help 3000acres create another garden?

3000acres has helped numerous new productive gardens pop up around our city (and greater Victoria)
The FareShare Kitchen Garden
In less than a year this garden has grown a tonne of veggies which were cooked into nutritious meals for people in need.  We helped FareShare access this VicTrack land quickly and design a productive and safe food garden.
The Burundian

This garden is growing traditional Burundian crops to share with the local community.  We helped them develop and sign an memorandum of understanding with the landowner so that they could make the most of this land.
St Stephen’s Community Garden
With our support, one dedicated resident found a community, land and funding to start a brand new community garden. Going from initial idea to thriving garden in only 6 months, this garden must be a record breaker!
And we want to make more!
We’re working with groups in Collingwood, Spotswood, Footscray, Clifton Hill, North/West Melbourne, Toorak and Wangaratta where more people want to start gardens.
And that is why we've launched our first crowdfunding campaign: to raise money to get another garden up and running by July next year.  
There are two ways that you can help us make this happen:

We've already made it halfway to our target, and our sponsor, Patagonia, will be matching every dollar donated, which will ensure that we get over the line.  But every extra dollar raised will help us make the new garden all the bigger and better.

Thanks so much for contributing to this community-led transformation of our city!
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