Friday, November 3, 2017

Garden Fiesta 2017 @ Peppertree Place

GARDEN FIESTA 11th November

10am - 4pm

Feast on the huge line up of fantastic musicians - Jukebox Racket, Ukulele Ewie, Spaghetti Western, Thornberries 
and Toni Swain plus more!! 
 Free amazing workshops will be on offer at Fiesta - check this line up out!!

An all day Garden Design Clinic will be on offer with Yvonne Pecujac, from Gardens of Delight. Visit Yvonne and troubleshoot your garden problems or find answers to tricky design and plant questions. Find inspiration on how to create beautiful sustainable low-maintenance gardens.

***Sorry folks the IncrEdible Food Swap that we usually run the first Saturday every month is not on this weekend - but instead we'll have Fiesta on the 11th November!!! Hooray!!!

Peppertree Nursery will still be open for usual trading from 11am- 4pm this Saturday so please do pop in!!
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