Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Peppertree Place Upcoming Open Gate Event

Upcoming Events
Well Swung

April 7th - this Saturday! 

Open Gate extends its opening hours from 10am-4pm.  

Well Swung - local Coburg jazz outfit will get you swinging and in the mood from 11.30am.

Tash will conduct a free composting and worm farming workshop for those of you keen to find out more about this garden resource free at your fingertips! So you've got the worms, the farm - but what now?! Get up close and personal with your soils best friends!! 
Workshop is free and starts at 11am.

Gemma is our Fresh Food Fermentation Fairy and is looking to run a series of workshops in April/May here at Peppertree Place. Come and find out why eating fermented food is so good for your second brain the gut and sign up to her workshops - from 1.00pm - 1.30pm

Coming Up in May and June:
The Walter Boys grace us with their musical presence at the May Open Gate

Giant Grass Design will run a workshop on 'Bamboo for the Backyard'. Munir and Mittul are our local bamboo experts who currently run workshops, build nature playgrounds, design and create amazing structures and sculptures with bamboo - not to be missed!
Diana Cotter - local garden design and school garden educator will be sharing her knowledge around the use of berries in the garden and doing the most for them so you get the fresh tasty goods in summer and autumn!

5th May Open Gate - Annual Scarecrow Competition - open to anyone, individuals, school groups, community groups. Entry is free - make your own scarecrow and enter to win prizes from our Plant Nursery!! For more information contact us via email: or drop in and see Mary in the Nursery.

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