Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Highlights from the Moreland Local Food Forum and Networking event on 14 November

About 25 people attended the Local Food Forum and Networking event on Thursday 14 November at the Coburg Courthouse. It was great to see many new faces as well as those who attended the last event in April, leading to new connections and updates on exciting ongoing initiatives.

The delicious vegan catering was supplied by Alex Dathe of Boom Foods, who sourced many of the seasonal ingredients (such as beetroot, garlic, celery, lettuce and silverbeet) from Fawkner Food Bowls market garden. It doesn't get any more local than that!

All attendees had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share inspiring examples of their activities, project or interest in local food. Two community groups expanded on their history, purpose and programs (links to presentations provided below):


1. Mahira Sobral shared the story of the Ecological Justice Hub, a practical environmental program delivered by Jesuit Social Services, based around a permaculture garden in Brunswick. The Hub is dedicated to both social and environmental justice, with the overall aim of restoring peoples' connections to nature as well as each other. Programs cover everything from how to reduce food waste and close the loop by turning food waste into a resource (even acquiring a bioreactor which produces biogas and electricity from organic waste!) to education on the power of mushrooms to restore and generate healthy ecosystems.

Mahira Sobral Ecological Justice Hub Presentation

To find out more about the education, courses and volunteering opportunities at the Hub, email

2. Taryn D'Costa, Nerida Thompson and Hilary Hogget related how the Neighbours United for Climate Action (NUCA) was formed by a group of Moreland residents who saw the benefit in acting collectively to help people feel more empowered to respond to the climate emergency. Neighbours have formed teams to progress a whole host of initiatives, including a Community Climate Action education series relating to local food growing, food waste reduction, PURE (Plastic Use Reduction & Elimination), Art Against Ecocide, community and regenerative living.

To get involved with NUCA:

There was also an update on Moreland Council's new Food Organics Recycling Service and the MWRRG's relaunched 'Back to Earth' program, which educates residents on how to use the service correctly and shows how organic waste is being turned into a valuable resource. The program includes compost donations to eligible organisations and the Victorian Garden Competition which opens in February 2020


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