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This information is not current.

What is MFGN?

In a nutshell we provide an opportunity for people to share information and collaborate in a variety of ways to improve food access and urban agriculture in the area.

We do this by:
  • Sharing information, experiences, skills and ideas related to local, fair food and community food growing
  • Advocating for food-related issues
  • Facilitating improvements to access of free/affordable & nutritious food
  • Promoting healthy living, social inclusion, local food production and sustainable practices
  • Maintaining an online resource and newsletter for the wider community to share the network’s information & related events
  • Occasionally getting together to catch up and socialise.
We're a loosely affiliated, volunteer-run network, run by and for our members by consensus. We don’t always agree on everything but we agree on many things.

There’s no-one "in charge”. We’re volunteers. We do what we can when we have time.

MFGN emerged in 2011 (for more about how/why we got started read this) and we've advocated for better food policy in Moreland and further afield ever since. In 2017 this culminated in the launch of the Moreland Food System Strategy.

We’re a signatory to the Urban & Regional Food Declaration

How can I reach someone from MFGN?
We’re no longer active.


How do I subscribe and what does that mean?Click the Subscribe button on our website and whenever we post anything on our website you’ll be sent an email.

Subscribing to the newsletter doesn’t mean you're a member (and vice versa). If you want to be a member, see below


What does it mean to be a member?
You’re added to the our members' Google Group of 60+ people so you can initiate and participate in discussions between members, share ideas, ask questions, organise get-togethers, propose projects, ask for help, organise bulk-buys etc. Activity can range from no emails for weeks to lots of emails in a day, you just never know.

How do I become a member?
If you know a member email them and ask, otherwise email morelandfoodgardensnetwork@gmail.com explain who you are and why you want to join.

Existing network members are emailed proposing your membership. If no-one objects and 2 or more agree, you're in!

Then we'll share info you need to know (e.g. how to post on the website etc).

Being a MFGN member:
  • connects you with a wide range of different people who all bring different perspectives and backgrounds
  • costs nothing
  • means you can post on the MFGN website (which gets emailed to our subscribers, Facebooked and Tweeted) - there are some rules - members post their own website posts 
  • doesn’t mean you’ll get our newsletter (and vice versa), you need to subscribe.

Who does what?
Members take on tasks to keep the network going such as:
  • website posts for non-members
  • answering emails sent to the network
  • managing our Facebook page
  • looking after the newsletter and mailing list
  • organising get-togethers
  • coordinating advocacy efforts
  • updating website pages (e.g. community gardens, food swaps)
If nobody volunteers, it won't happen!

Who are the members?MFGN members include (but are not limited) individuals and representatives from organisations from the following backgrounds:
  • Residents, 
  • Professionals and volunteers
  • Community food growing and urban agriculture
  • Permaculture, Horticulture
  • Community Health Services, Health Promotion and Community Development
  • Academics and students
  • Policy makers and Local Government

Updated Nov 2017
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